Get the Support Material you need!

The components of Core Focus on Math are meant to provide a full suite of tools and support material to ensure you have the necessary activities, worksheets and assessments to teach the Common Core State Standards.  Some of the key components are listed below.

  • Explore! activities in over 80% of all lessons

    Explores! are used throughout the series to give students an opportunity to discover, apply or practice the Common Core State Standards in a variety of methods, with focus on the eight mathematical practices. Approximately 80% of the lessons include an Explore! activity. See sample lessons for each text for examples.

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  • Guided Instruction

    The text lessons provide students and parents with examples and key learning in an organized manner.  A corresponding video that condenses the daily guided instruction is provided online for each lesson.

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  • Text Exercises

    Lesson exercise sets include questions addressing conceptual understanding, procedural skill practice and application.  Exercise sets include questions ranging from Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Level 1 to Depth of Knowledge Level 3 in each lesson.  See sample lessons for each text for examples.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Boards

    Each board includes nine activities per block that simulate performance tasks, extension level topics or options for showing proficiency of the standards in a different format.

    View Sample Tic-Tac-Toe Board

  • Supplemental Practice Worksheets

    Three different types of worksheets (at grade-level, Tier II Intervention Level, Challenge Level) as well as a Spanish translation of the grade-level worksheet are available for each lesson.  

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  • Extended Response Tasks

    Two to three in-depth tasks per block that apply multiple content standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Each task includes a scoring rubric.

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  • Summative Assessments

    Three types of assessments per block to match the styles of the CCSS Assessments: Selected Response, Constructed Response and a Problem Solving Task.  Assessments are available at grade-level (2 forms), Tier II Intervention-level (2 forms) and a Spanish version of a grade-level assessment.

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  • Teacher’s Edition

    Each lesson of the teacher’s edition includes teaching tips, ideas for incorporating the Mathematical Practices, extra examples, warm-up and exit problems, communication prompts, a recommended focused assignments and answers to the exercise set.

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